Benenden Neighbourhood Plan

Benenden Neighbourhood Plan

Benenden’s Neighbourhood Plan will cover the whole of the parish of Benenden and will set out a number of policies and ambitions that the community might call for.

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Benenden Neighbourhood Plan Village Meeting

Benenden Village Hall Saturday 28th October 09.30 - 12.00

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council is seeking plans from local communities as part of their local development plan. If you want us to have a say in development of housing, recreation facilities local amenities and utilities then please come along.

Get Involved and Help Shape Our Future

Saturday 30th September, 2pm, Benenden Village Hall Meeting to determine the organisation and process in taking Benenden’s Neighbourhood Plan forward. To identify, but not to discuss and debate, local issues. To set up a Steering Committee and to identify people with specific interests/skills.

Four public workshops will be held at the village hall to develop the Neighbourhood Plan vision, issues and options:

Vision and objectives – 28th October 9.30am

Housing and community – 11th November 1.30pm

Traffic and Economy – 9th December 1.30pm

Landscape and environment - tbc

Visioning Leaflet September 2017

Report and Recommendations for the Parish Meeting held on 25th May 2017


Benenden Neighbourhood Area has been approved and you can view the decision at

The Neighbourhood Planning web page can be viewed at

Benenden Neighbourhood Area Map

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council   A decision by the Portfolio Holder for Planning and Transportation has been published: Benenden Neighbourhood Plan Area Designation

Decision: RESOLVED – That the designation of a neighbourhood area for the purposes of producing a Neighbourhood Development Plan for Benenden, as set out in the report, be approved.

You can view this decision using the link: Decision details on public web site

Benenden Neighbourhood Area Application Consultation on application by Benenden Parish Council to designate a neighbourhood area Monday 26 June to Monday 24 July 2017 (5pm)

Benenden Neighbourhood Plan Getting Started report June 2017 Report of Initial Public Meeting

Presentation by Sally Marsh, High Weald AONB  June 2017  Presentation on the Neighbourhood Planning process and advice and information from the High Weald AONB

Future Development in Benenden   April 2017  Introduction to Neighbourhood Plan

Application to TWBC   April 2017  Application for Designation of Benenden as a Neighbourhood Area for a Neighbourhood Development Plan

Expression of Interest Form   May 2017   Let us know what you think and how you might like to be involved