Neighbourhood Plan Meeting 9th December

Benenden Neighbourhood Plan
Village Meeting

Traffic Management, Infrastructure,

Business & Local Economy

Speeding, HGVs
Mobile phone access
Doctors, dentists, public transport
Jobs and local businesses

In feedback from our last session many said they wanted to get involved but could not spare 3 hours in one afternoon.  So this session will be just 90 minutes.  Prompt start at 2.00pm, finish at 3.30pm.

Policing Matters

Kent Against Burglary

Most of us lock our homes before going out or going to bed, but do you also:

  • use timer switches on lights and radios to make it look like you’re home?
  • store car keys and cash/handbags somewhere safe and out of sight?
  • security-mark and photograph important items to help identify them if needed?
  • use a safe to store gold jewellery  – or better still, a safety deposit box at your bank?

Burglars will seek out an opportunity if they can. Let’s work together to limit their chances.